CHROME Personal Training Centre - "Coming Here Regardless Of My Excuses"
Classes at
206 East North Foothills Drive:
Group Classes at Foothills Chrome PTC:

Monday- (30 min)
     5 PM: Boot Camp with Kelly $5

Tuesday: (30 min)
     5 PM:  Boot Camp with Kelly $5
         530 PM:  Abs Class with Paula $5

Wednesday: (30 min)
     5 PM: Boot Camp with Kelly $5

Thursday: (30 min)
    5 PM: Boot Camp with Kelly $5

Friday: (30 min)
   5 PM:  Boot Camp with Kelly $5

Saturday: (60 min)
    10 am:  Butt Builder Boot Camp and Abs                       Class with Brooke $10


Class Explanation:  Anyone can do ANY class!  There will be a wide array of fitness levels at each class and it is the instructor’s job to accommodate everyone’s ability. The key is NEVER quitting and doing your best every time you walk into the gym!! That is how you see a result.  Every Boot Camp will be different. We don’t follow a cookie cutter format… We do things CHROME style!!  Classes may include body weight, bands,dumbbells, jumping/plyometrics, machines, etc, and will be different each time you come. 

ABS/CORE- is a 30 minute High Intensity Abdominal/ Core Workout.  It works all core muscles in every plane of movement to help produce stabilization, strength and endurance where we all need it most!!!  Abdominal and back muscles are typically the weakest muscles in our bodies but are in fact the most important muscles because that is where balance, posture, and overall body movement stems from.  Abs class will help get your core strength to the level it needs to be! (30 MINUTES)
Please Call Prior to Class To Sign Up!!