CHROME Personal Training Centre - "Coming Here Regardless Of My Excuses"
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Sara, 40
Owner, Mellow Monkey Yoga
Three Month Transformation:

Mary Hertz Payne, 47
Scale Weight Lost: 50 lbs
Body Fat Lost: 24%
Here's what she has to say: "For the first time in my life, I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and feel 100 percent comfortable in my own skin. I decided to transform because I wanted to feel strong and confident again when I looked at my reflection. I wasn't anywhere close to living up to my potential, and I knew it was time to fully commit to a healthy lifestyle and work toward the very best version of myself that I could be.4 years ago I hurt my back (at my old gym) and had 2 surgeries to fix it. As a result I gained a lot of weight. It was a vicious cycle of gaining weight because I wasn't active during my recovery, but I kept getting heavier and heavier because of my inactivity and it made it hard to be active.I gained so much weight that I stopped doing things socially because I was too ashamed of how I looked. I would walk past a mirror and hardly recognize myself. Thankfully my husband has always been supportive and loving, but I began to feel that I was letting him down as well because I began to withdraw from really feeling present and finding joy in life. I had heard about Chrome and was curious, but was intimidated when I looked into it because I was afraid it would be too hard. So for 2 years I drove past Chrome and one day I finally went in, but was too scared so I stood in the door for a minute and left before anyone could help me. Eventually I joined and it was the best gift I could ever have given myself!I love showing up and not having to think about what to do. There's no wondering how certain machines work, how much much weight is too much, or not enough. I look back and realize how much time, energy, and money I wasted working out on my own, but not knowing really what to do. Darrick has been a great trainer for me because he knows just when to push and when to assist. I've learned so much about nutrition, and how to eat properly.I love having the old me back and the confidence that I've gained has had such a positive impact on all areas of my life. I feel there's NOTHING I can't do now, and I'm excited to wake up each day and face my challenges head on. Although I've surpassed my goals, I will continue training at Chrome because I enjoy the environment, the people, positive vibes and great support!"

Conrad McGee,
Spokane Tribal Authority

Janine Janosick, 36
Starbucks Manager


Stevie Harris
I have been on this journey for exactly 9 months now. It blows my mind to see how much I have changed in what seems like such a short amount of time. When I started this 9 months ago I didn't know what would become of it. I didn't have a goal weight in mind or a certain size of pants I wanted to be able to wear. I just wanted to be the best version of myself that I could be. At the time I didn't consider myself to be depressed or unhappy, I just knew that I was better than the shape I was currently in. So thank goodness my dad helped me get a trainer at Chrome Personal Training Centre, Inc.,.where I learned that this had to be a life style change in order to be successful. There is no quick and easy fix to weight loss. You just have to wake up every day with a no excuses attitude and make the decision to be the best you can possibly be everyday. Of course you're going to have bad days, everyone does. I had to many to count. But you can't have the good days without the bad. It's those bad days that make you better and get you to those life changing events. You just have to remember that each bad day is inly 24 hours long and whatever excuse you're telling your self is a good reason to quit or to lose motivation is a mental lapse on your part. The only reason you feel like you can't do something is because of the excuse you are creating for yourself in your head. I'm thankful for all of my bad days now because they have mentally made me a stronger person. I'm thankful for my trainer, Trainer Proc, because he's shown me that you can always do one more even when you're mind is screaming that you can't. I'm Thankful to Brooke Holloman and all of the Team Chrome Family for helping break me out of shell and comfort zone and making this bikini competition one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I am just all smiles STILL!!!! I have conquered my excuses and shown myself that I can do anything! So I will continue to cook/eat/prep 6 delicious meals every day, make every rep count, and get my heart rate as high as I can because that's my life style now. Strong, Healthy, & HAPPY!!!!!!! It's only up from here!


Angela Bartlett, 26
Owner Beauty Creations by Angela


When I was younger I was very active and was always on the move and busy doing things with family and friends. I loved to play basketball with friends and I even danced when I was in high school. I remember my mother getting upset with me because I was never home and always doing something with my friends. When I hit my early 20’s I started to gain weight which I didn’t know was happening at first because I had never experienced it before, to be honest I thought my clothes were shrinking. I met my wife and before getting married we both decided to lose some weight for the wedding and I drop about 40 lbs. This was very short lived and I started to put the weight back on shortly after being married. Three months after getting married my wife told me she was pregnant; I was scared out of my mind as I was only 25 at the time. Well, I put on what people call sympathy weight along with my wife. A few years later we had baby number two and I put more weight on and before I knew it I was 272 lbs and very out of shape. 

Not only was I out of shape but my health was slowly declining, I had developed sleep apnea and had to take medication just to sleep through the night. My kids had only ever known me to be a big guy and this bothered me, I didn’t have the energy to be the dad I wanted to be and play with my kids. I wanted them to look up to me and follow in my footsteps but above it all I just wanted to be better for myself.

Back in January of this year I started on a journey to get my health back, I wanted to say goodbye to my 260 lbs frame and find out what I was made of.  I had seen some of the workout videos on Chrome’s website and seen some post on their Facebook wall and it seemed to me that this place was the real deal. I contacted Brooke on Facebook and she said she would have one of her trainers contact me. Later that night I got a call from a guy named Luke and we set up my first free session to see if I would like it. After getting off the phone with Luke I went on Chrome’s website to see who this guy was and found a picture of him. I showed my wife and we both thought that he was gonna kill me, he was huge.

Walking into my first training session I knew I was out of shape and it would be tough but I had no idea it would be that tough. It was by far the hardest workout I had ever had and I had been trained by other personal trainers before. By the end of that session I was light headed, dizzy, and could see my pulse through my eye balls. I was so sore the next few days I almost didn’t come back because I needed to be able to function for work and for life. I decided that if I didn’t go through with this I would not reach my goals because my motivation was not there and if I told someone I would be there, I would. When I started I couldn’t do push ups, could only do a few sit ups and had a hard time catching my breath throughout the workouts. I dropped 12 lbs in my first month there and gain about 6 lbs of lean muscle. Two months into my journey I was able to stop taking my sleep apnea medication and slept like a baby again. I started to trust Luke more and more and he always worked around my soreness and my injuries. Luke has a way to motivate you in a positive way and push you beyond anything you think you can do. Not only did Luke train me but he also explained to me what we were doing and why. He also created a meal plan for me so that I could fuel my body for the training we were doing. Once my results would slow down, Luke would change up my diet again. The workouts never get any easier and that is why you constantly see results.

Today I am 59 lbs lighter (scale weight) then when I started and have gain lean muscle mass. My journey is not over yet but I feel like a new man and my family is also healthier as they are eating better and getting more exercise. I have tons of energy to take my kids on bike rides, swimming and because of this we have grown closer. My kids told me that they like Luke and I asked them why, their responds was “Because he makes you better”. I love to hear people tell me how much I have changed and that I look great but above it all I love to hear that I am someone inspiration. I would have never thought when I started that I would be someone inspiration and that is a great feeling.

Thank you Chrome, Brooke and Luke for helping me get my life back and making me better.

Thomas Shaw, 36
Entertainment Business Owner


I have exercised and done resistance training throughout my life and been moderately successful in meeting my goals, but after having a couple of friends have such great results working with Chrome, I decided that I needed to go see for myself what they had to offer. I have learned so much from my trainer and have had more rapid growth and definition development in 4 weeks than I had ever gained on my own over the past 25 years. I used to spend 2 1/2 to 3 hours at the gym 4 or 5 days a week, now my workouts are 30 minutes 3 times per week, and I'm just starting to add in a couple 1 hour cardio sessions- I am meeting my goals and have far more free time outside of the gym than I ever have before. I have had an awesome experience with the trainers at Chrome PTC and have recommended many of my other friends go see them as well if they want to get serious about being in shape, whatever their specific fitness goal. I am now training to be in my first body building competition and with the help of the owner and staff of Chrome, I will achieve my goals. Special thanks go to Brooke Holloman the owner and head trainer, and Luke Prochnow, my personal trainer.

Thomas Dea


I have always considered myself athletic and fit! But it wasn't until my first workout at CHROME PTC that I realized that I had really never reached my full potential !! I have never had somebody right by my side to encourage me, guide me, and most importantly push me! With just a few short months with the highly trained staff at CHROME, I not only built muscle, lost body fat, but gained the confidence to be able to participate in my very first bodybuilding competition! With my goals set high I wanted to place at least third to be able to attend a national show! With the love and support of Brooke Holloman and Laura Silica I was able to place second in my class! I am now training for the USA's in Las Vegas!! None of this would have been possible or even attainable if these two people were not in my life!! I'm really excited for what the future has in store for me, and consider CHROME to be my second home!

Megan Boudreau, 30 
Owner, Luxe Salon

In Feb. 2012, I made the decision that I wanted to compete in the Cda Ironman 2013. So at 270 pounds, I started walking by my house and while the weight was coming off it wasn't what I knew I would need before June. I was on FB and started chatting with Brooke Holloman about what I wanted to do. She said why don't you let us train you? So on May 1st, 2012 I stepped into Chrome Ptc at 200 + pounds and wearing a size 20W pair of pants. Now Jan.1st will be the 8th month that I have been with Chrome. I have lost 103 pounds and am down to a size 3. While my progress is great I now know without certainty that with the help and dedication of my trainer at Chrome pushing me my full potential I will be where I need to be for CDA Ironman in June.

Helen Fisher-Countryman


I had been working out on my own for about a year before I joined Chrome Personal Training Centre, and let me tell you, three months at Chrome did more for me than that entire year. I could almost say that it was a waste of time compared to the results I’ve seen since I started. Coming to Chrome has changed my life and my outlook on life as well. For me, it has meant an entire change in lifestyle from the way I eat and take care of myself, to my physical and mental health. I can proudly say that thanks to Chrome I am now living up to my full potential as a happy and healthy man. 
 I cannot compare the physical training I have received at Chrome to anything else. Simply put: it works. The owner and operator, Brooke Holloman, is extremely knowledgeable to say the least.  She has been helpful in every way, has clearly and fully answered any questions I’ve had, and solved any issues I have come across in my training. Her experience and expertise in physical training and guidance is evident, and her ability as a teacher and trainer shows clearly through both her supporting staff and active clientele. She is not only completely competent, but extremely dedicated as well. She is simply a master at her art.  She pushes me farther every day, and the results speak for themselves. She makes my workouts interesting and fun, and her great attitude and daily positive encouragement has helped me along my way tremendously. The rest of the trainers have all been there for me as well, and I have learned and gained a little something from each of them. Everyone at Chrome takes their job seriously, and more importantly, they enjoy what they do. It shows in the atmosphere walking in and the results walking out. 
At Chrome, the education I’ve received on how to take care of myself has been as important as the actual physical training itself. I started working out at Chrome for the wrong reasons. I wanted to look good for summer. My first lesson was that looking good and being healthy are two different things. Don’t get me wrong. You do look good when you are healthy, but many people look great yet can’t run or exercise for more than five minutes without keeling over. I was one of those people. Now, I’m amazed at how easily I can tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy people, and I am pleased to have joined the ranks of those considered healthy. Another lesson I’ve learned is how to eat properly in order to gain muscle mass and lose body fat. You’ll find the trainers at Chrome have a very complete nutritional guidance program, and I’ve found that I have not gone hungry for one single minute while in their care. In fact, I’ve been happily satiated the whole time. I’ve also learned how important sleep and rest are to a healthy lifestyle. I now have a healthy sleep routine that fits my lifestyle, and I feel great every day because of it. I am also proud to say that I have stopped drinking alcohol completely. I didn’t expect nor plan this result when I started at Chrome, but nevertheless I no longer drink. I have realized that alcohol inhibits me both mentally and physically, and for me, the choice to quit drinking came naturally, although somewhat reluctantly, as I progressed in my training. The personal trainers at Chrome have worked with me the entire way to overcome all of my unhealthy habits, and I am extremely grateful for their efforts. 
My testimony would not be complete without the physical and mental changes I have experienced since starting at Chrome.  Physically, I am healthier than I have ever been in my entire life. I can feel the difference just waking up and getting out of bed in the morning. I feel great at work, at home, and every place I go or activity I’m involved in between. Every physical aspect of my life has improved, and I can say it has even gotten easier, just being me. I have balance, coordination, confidence, and grace in my actions and movements, and I feel great because of it. I can also say I look incredible, which is a wonderful thing to be able to say about myself. Almost everyone in my life has noticed the changes I’ve made as well, and I can tell they all appreciate them as well as I do. Mentally, I’m a new man. My confidence swells along with my muscles and my anxiety and stress disappear along with my body fat. I feel amazing. Being healthy has improved my entire perspective on life, and I can honestly say that getting into shape has made me a happier man. I didn’t expect starting out that I would come this far, but now that I’m here, I will never go back to the sedentary lifestyle I had before. I’ve become addicted not only to working out, but to working out at Chrome. I’ve been convinced by my hardened muscles and by the positive attitude I’ve gained towards getting into the best shape of my life, that I am where I belong. Chrome has the finest personal trainers the field has to offer. I’m extremely grateful and entirely happy with my results, and I look forward to my training every day, as well as continuing onward into the future.
My experience is not unique. The trainers at Chrome have helped many like me achieve their goals. Whatever your background, lifestyle, fitness level, or attitude is, I wholeheartedly recommend Chrome Personal Training Centre. They personally tailor workouts that work for anyone. If you truly want to take care of yourself, and live happy and healthy, Chrome can help you get there. I came here because I wanted to change for the better, and I got more than I ever expected. I came here regardless of my excuses, and you should too.

Joel B Cline

I've been going to Chrome for 4 months now and have lost 50 lbs so far!! My sessions are balanced to fit my personality so I get the best results from my body every time I go.  You might think that the workouts are just running and lifting, but that is far from the truth because each day of workouts is completely different, so that way my body doesn't get used to it or stop losing weight or toning itself.  I also love the way my trainer works with me and "listens to my body", the way it acts and performs.  That way they can assign me the exercise I need.  In addition to this, I have a food plan which is properly balanced and easy to keep track of.  I never get hungry and I feel better.  I have tried different workouts and diets, but nothing like Chrome Personal Training Centre.  It works great for me!!! I didn't think I would reach such a good result, but I've worked hard and did what my trainer told me to and now enjoy myself!

Alena Zdanevskaia, 37
Mother of Three


I started working out at Chrome PTC in November of 2009.  I cannot put into words how wonderful the experience has been!  And it just keeps getting better!  Brooke has dedicated her life to helping people through physical fitness and positive results!  I started with attending her Boot Camp and Abs/Core classes and have moved on to one on one training sessions with Brooke.  Through the classes I have met amazing people!  There is such a wonderful sense of camaraderie with the others in the classes.  We are working hard together and we support each other and celebrate each other’s successes.  I am 45 years old and am now in better shape than I have ever been in my life!  I work out beside older women with general health goals, younger women with super athletic lifestyles and overweight people who are seeking to live healthier lifestyles (I was one of these!) No matter where you are in your quest for health and happiness, Brooke gets to know you, helps you with establishing REALISTIC health and fitness goals and uses her expertise in fitness and nutrition to help you achieve these goals.  Brooke is truly a gem right here in Spokane Washington! She is very tough and expects more of you than you expect of yourself. This combined with her wonderful sense of humor, her caring heart and her extensive experience and education make her the greatest trainer on earth!!  If you have even remotely considered bettering your health, bettering your outlook, BETTERING YOUR LIFE,,,, CHROME is the place to start.  Brooke can get you there!!
Here’s to loving the new you! And a million thanks to you Brooke!!

Becky Frey, 45
Office Manager


All it took was one summer. I decided the lake cabin, partying on my weekends and fast food were the ticket. Then one day  I looked in the mirror and realized I was the heaviest I had been in my life. :(  Well, I always played sports and was in shape, and couldn't figure out how I had let myself and my body down. After feelings of self pitty and feeling there was no light at the end of the tunnel, I  had a long talk with Brooke. I realized it was all mental, I could do it, and I would do it when "I" wanted to. Where was the girl who was a  2 sport college athlete? Where was the mental toughness I had built all my life?  At that point I realized, no excuses, just go for it, finish it, and  I did. Brooke put me on a 6 week program, and reminded me it was only 6 weeks out of a lifetime. I knew and decided I would get back down to my healthy weight, and I did. No excuses, just hard work, and with  the help of her training program, we did it. Best feeling ever. Everything is mental. No excuses, no trying, just do. Six weeks turned into a lifestyle change, and I will go into my future caring and loving myself and my body! :D Can't express how much I learned during this process. A great life lesson indeed.

Jackie "Brown" Stewart, 31
Radio Personality


I met Brooke about 4 years ago and being a Chiropractor, I needed a good personal trainer to refer to, so I started training with Brooke. I'm happy to say it was one of the smarter decisions I have ever made. I started training hard at 14 for high school football, and continued training regularly until my wife and I had our second daughter in July 2006. After taking approximately 1 1/2 years off from working out, I attempted to get back in the to speak. What I found out was that my training methods were doing more harm than good. I've always trained to failure, otherwise, what's the use? But training to failure by myself caused me to sprain ligaments, cause upper rib issues, and cause all sorts of different tendonitis issues. In other words, I was injuring myself almost every time I touched the weights. Over the course of my life with different sports and other injuries, I've developed instability in both knees and both shoulders. Some of that due to weight lifting. What Brooke does for me is she trains to failure and beyond WITHOUT injuring me. She kicks my butt all over the facility, having me do things that I never thought I could ever do again. In the end, I'm so fatigued that I can barely even speak, seriously. It usually takes me about 15-20 minutes to be able to breathe normal, walk normal, and actually be able to get my hand to my mouth to eat. I look forward to the 3-4 days of soreness from her workouts. She is a gem, one that I will always admire for her positive work ethic and never-give-up attitude. Thanks Brooke, for allowing me to train the way I like and getting injured!

Ray Sicilia
Owner, Sicilia Chiropractic


I started at Chrome PTC about 2.5 months ago and I have loved the changes I have seen.  I am currently in the military and I have played athletics my whole life, to include three years of college baseball so staying in shape and working out has always been a part of my life.  I can honestly say though that outside of the shape I was in when I came back from Iraq this is the best shape I have been in since and even before that deployment.  The trainers push me to my limit and don't allow for anything less than my best effort.  The reason why I believe this is the best shape I have been in is because I am doing everything they tell me to do which is my cardio, their workouts and the eating.  Before I used to do two of the three but never all at once.  This is where you see the difference.  I started at 175 and 15.7% body fat at the two month mark I was at 167 with 10.2% body fat.  I told Jen my goals when I started and this is exactly what I have wanted to happen.  On top of the great training I get and the friendly staff they also offer many classes, I personally have been to the abs class and its great! I highly recommend Chrome to anyone that is interested.

Sgt Ryan Odle, USA
Fairchild AFB, WA


I have worked out with Brooke for the past four months and I can tell you three things I know for sure: ONE: The workouts are tough! They’re tough because they work. Not kidding here. TWO: Brooke is serious about what she does and she is absolutely committed to getting you in the best shape possible. She will, however, expect you to be just as committed. She will push past your personal limitations and have you doing more than you ever thought possible. She absolutely will not let you fail. Not really an option with her. THREE: She has ZERO time for excuses. Really. I've tried. Doesn't work. I like working with Brooke because she provides workouts that are safe, inventive, fresh, and worth every sweat filled and out of breath minute. My strength has improved, my endurance is much better, and I am constantly learning better form and technique. Brooke is fun to work with and most of all; I trust her!

Joseph Court, 48
Air Interdiction Agent


Brooke Holloman is THE BEST personal trainer. Kim, Liz and Jen are right up there as well. I have worked with Brooke for 6 years (doesn't seem like that long but yet it does!). She inspires and motivates you to do more and want to do more. Brooke knows what you are capable of before you realize it for yourself. She is always there to remind you to be consistent and that you really can do 5 more! I was happy at 180 lbs for a few years. Brooke was always talking about 150 lbs. Finally, a year ago, after listening to Brooke, becoming consistent with my cardio, workouts and healthy eating; I decided she was right (SHHHHHH!!!!!! Don't tell her I said that ! LOL). I got down to 148 and have maintained for a year!!! I've had several setbacks but Brooke has always been there to help me stay on course. Yes, she is demanding but only because you are worth it! If you have health issues, bad knee like I do - she works with you to build the muscle in that area without causing pain. I can now run 2-3 mi for cardio twice a week whereas before my knee would start hurting- it doesn't now. I walked Bloomsday last year for the first time (Yes, Brooke I will run this year!), walked a 3 mi and ran a 3 mi in 30 min!! Major accomplishments for someone who previously HATED running. I, too, am in the best shape of my life at 43. Next year I plan on playing in a high school alumni basketball game. Thanks Brooke and Kim and Liz and Jenn and Tyree!!!!!! Chrome is the best gym in the area because of it's owner and trainers. If you are truly ready to change your life and dedicate yourself to a new lifestyle, then join Chrome and choose a personal trainer right now!!

Darcy Hardin
US Postal Service


My name is Courtney Miller, I am 29 years old and a Mom of 3 under 3 years old! Yep that means I had the baby weight X 3!! I started at Chrome PTC with Brooke Feb 2nd.. at 206 lbs size 18 and 35% body fat. In two months I had lost 17lbs of fat, I am currently a size 13 and 27% body fat. One of the first things Brooke told me was that she wanted me to forget about all the things I knew about working out and eating right up to this point, forget about everything that I have ever heard, and to trust her. She gave me a food plan tailored to me, right away, told me what was acceptable and what wasn't. She explained why even the things I thought were healthy, weren't. She showed me the correct way to workout, (and still is). I think I took the award for the worse posture ever, and my body fought against doing things the correct way. Brooke always reminded me to be positive, especially when I talk about my ability, or my looks... and when I forget ...I run sprints... needless to say I am learning faster to be positive! It was hard at first to have faith that this was going to work, but if you are faithful in doing cardio at home, and eating right, Brooke is faithful to work your butt off at Chrome. My posture is a million times better, and I am stronger! When I leave Chrome after each workout, my husband asks, "how was your workout?" My reply is, "I feel like I am going to die, it was great."

Courtney Miller, 29
Mom of 3
C.H.R.O.M.E. - Coming Here Regardless Of My Excuses.
Instantly, I was attracted to this place by the name itself. The attractions and benefits keep coming the longer I train here. Everybody wants to be in shape and this is the place to be for the quickest and best results. There are a number of reasons just going to the gym doesn't happen or doesn't work for people. Personally, lack of knowledge made me feel like i was wasting time, not getting the best results. Chrome PTC has changed that for me, with the best trainers in Spokane. Every workout is at the highest level of intensity, pushing you to your limit. No matter what, you will get your ass kicked by these workouts...and love it! Results come almost instantaneously and never come to a halt. My endurance is better than ever, I'm bigger, faster, stronger and this is after just 3 months. It's worth every penny and is one of the best investments I've ever made. I feel better than ever both physically and mentally. The best part is, I love going in to train. I anticipate days I work out and I'm sure every client of CHROME would say the same.

Josh Bertsch, 20


For me, it’s more than how I look, it’s about how I feel.  I have been going to CHROME PTC since October 2009.  I have lost almost 85 pounds by diet.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004 and had a lot of fear about exercise.  I felt I wanted to begin a work out program to strengthen my muscles and lessen pain. I had no idea how far I could push my body and what strength I had until I enlisted the expertise of Chrome. Now I am mostly pain free!!  Brooke has guided me in the correct way to perform an exercise.  I have learned to work through my muscle pain and stiffness and most importantly, I learned I always feel better if I work out.  I have never sustained an injury due to training and have not had the same training program twice.  I have now lost 100 lbs and like the body-sculpting results of weight training.  Brooke has given me help and advice in fine tuning my diet and keeping me accountable.  I like her focus is on healthy eating, not centered on processed foods.  I see this as a way of life and not temporary. 
I highly recommend Chrome PTC for anyone who is afraid of injury or has chronic health conditions. This has changed my life. 

Karyn Kyllo, RN

I started training at CHROME just a couple of weeks after my 40th birthday. I feel stronger and more fit than I have in years. The staff and clients are extremely supportive and motivating, regardless of your fitness level. I would highly recommend CHROME Personal Training!!

Anya Consiglio, M.D.


I have always led an active some may even say “athletic” life. I was even employed in the fitness industry as a trainer in my 20’s. I thought I knew what I was doing. But as I entered my forties I found my body changing, my motivation slipping and my taste for fine wine and dining increasing. Hey, where did that extra 20 pounds come from!?! I began to seek out trainers to give me a little extra motivation. I tried the regular hour long training sessions at various gyms and it was ok…I felt like I knew more about what should happen than most of the trainers I worked with…and then I found CHROME. Never in a million years would I have thought I would drive 30 minutes (to the mall of all places) to be motivated! The high intensity, personalized, amazingly effective training methods that the trainers at CHROME utilize are very impressive. I am a convert! I have been working out at Chrome twice a week for almost 3 months and I am a changed 45 year old woman! The trainers have taught me a whole new way of working out. The workouts are intense, fresh, motivating and challenging. They know when to push my boundaries and when I have had enough…I have learned to trust them a great deal and I push harder knowing they won’t let me over do it. It works. I have lost that extra weight and built some muscle but more importantly I feel like an athlete again…it ROCKS to feel this good! I walk taller, stand straighter and have more confidence. And it doesn’t hurt that my partner of 11 years says I look “hot”!
Denise Cumming

"My story is simple: motherhood, family life and work took over all my time. And as the story goes, Mothers tend to put everyone’s needs ahead of themselves. Turning 40 and having kids in college, I wanted to do something for myself to handle my sadness that I was experiencing with an empty nest. I decided to join a boot camp with Kim, not knowing anything about it, other than a coworker who loved it, and encouraged me to try it. Well the first class…Wow, hard! Second class…slightly more bearable… third class…dare I say fun? Yes! Something was changing in me. Energy was increasing, stress level was dropping and I noticed improved sleep habits. I then decided after two months of weekly boot camp class, I wanted to try personal training with Kim. I started in April and have enjoyed it so much! Kim personalizes workouts to fit the individualized needs of each client. I am so glad that I tried something new and different and would encourage any mom out there to join us at Chrome Personal Training Centre. The environment is welcoming and non-threatening. For thirty minutes a day, I give myself permission to put myself first and to put the Chrome motto into action: Coming Here Regardless of My Excuses! My life story has a wonderful new chapter…."

Results in One Month: 
- Lost 11 lbs of fat
- Gained 2lbs of muscle
- Lost 7.5 total inches
Stephanie Zappone

Hello my name is Ciara Kosse, I am 26 years old and have been a Chrome PTC addict for a little over a year!  Back in August of 2009 I walked through the doors of Chrome PTC for the first time.  And I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it is to walk out those doors today!  I knew after my first one-on-one training session with Brooke – I was hooked!!  She sat me down and put me through a thorough diagnostic test of my life in general and of course, the part we all dread most – weight and measurements - and helped me find out nutritionally what was and wasn’t working for me and my body.  Shortly after joining, I quickly enrolled myself into her Abs class, (it’s hard “core”!!) and her Boot Camp Class (you won’t walk for a week after!) where I have met so many others that love the classes as much as I do!  Brooke’s dedication to her development as a trainer shines through above all others!  This is NOT just a job to her, this is something she eats, breathes, and sleeps, and surrounds herself with to better educate you and to get you to your goal!! 
THIS IS TRULY HER PASSION!   Stop with the excuses and come in today – and life as you once knew will change forever…
Because today, thanks to her, I am a stronger more confident women and I can’t thank her enough for changing life!
Ciara Kosse, 26
Comcast Sales 

I have been working in one on one personal training sessions with Brooke Holloman here at Chrome Personal Training Centre for almost one year and what a change this experience has made in my life!  I saw Brooke's business and thought "Wow, I've always wanted to try that".  At my first training session I realized I had never really worked out in my life.  It was so phyically difficult yet rewarding in every way.  Brooke is a true professional.  She lives what she preaches and this, coupled with her great educational background and years of experience makes her a top notch trainer.  Whe wholeheartedly believes in what she does and wants to see each client succeed to their full potential. She's incredibly demanding, expecting maximum effort from her clients, yet she is also fun, caring, and very positive. I can not imagine training anywhere else! I have seen amazing physical results this past year and these results have brought amazing changes in the rest of my life as well.  If you are considering personal training here at Chrome I recommend it 100%.
Mary Kay Bennett, 45
CPA, Homemaker

Working with Brooke at Chrome has changed my whole perspective on training.  She has especially helped me excell in running. I was running a 10 minute mile, now I am running an 8 minute mile. The combination of endurance work, plyometrics,speed work, and resistance training has changed my body. She has been working with me for about 10 months and I have yet to do the same workout twice. I love that each training session is unique.  She is GREAT at her job. I feel stronger and more confident than ever!

Laura Sicilia, 36
Massage Therapist

I've been working with Brooke for 9 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Brooke is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! Its amazing how much she can fit into a 30-minute session. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. After 9 months of working out with her I have incredible energy, more endurance, and most important higher self esteem. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Brooke will lead you every step of the way.

Joelle Summers, 21

I am a fifty-something woman who originally started seeing Brooke to firm up some of my “flabby” areas.  That was over 2 years ago.  Not only has my flabbiness firmed up, but I have gained so much more.  Brooke’s commitment to her clients, and her desire and drive for their success is truly amazing. I am much stronger now, both physically and mentally due to her coaching and encouragement. Brooke designs food plans and training sessions to suit each individual, it is not a cookie cutter program like so many gyms offer.  Plus, the fact that the sessions are only 30 minutes is a huge bonus for me.  I train 3 times a week with Brooke and do my cardio on my own time.  It works out great!
Brooke’s knowledge, experience and her total commitment to me, keeps me focused on my goals.  I owe so much to Brooke. I highly recommend her to anyone, at any age, who wants to lose weight, firm up and gain confidence. I promise, you will not regret it.
Kathryn Bruseth, 50
Radiology Technician

Never being a person who had ever worked out, I didn't really know where to start.  Initially I joined a gym where the trainer handed me a workout and told me to check back with him if I needed any help.  But I couldn't make myself work very hard, and I was inconsistent about going.  There was always an excuse.
The thought of working with a personal trainer was scary.  Could I do it?  Would it be too hard?  Would the trainer be interested in me as a person?  I really wanted to get stronger and healthier, so I started training with Brooke about a year and a half ago.  I found that I really can train, that it is hard, but the rewards are great.  Because Brooke doesn't like excuses and doesn't stand for missed workouts, my attendance is very consistent- Twice a week no matter what, I am much stronger and healthier for the effort.  Workouts are a big part of my overall goal to age gracefully and live with vigor.
I enjoy working with Brooke who is so knowledgeable about how the body works, and pushes me to the best of my ability every day. Each session is different so I never get bored with the repetition.  It seems expensive at first, but the benefits make spending the money so worthwhile. And now, the only thing I'm afraid of is missing a workout...
Susan Gentry
Hearing/ Speech Therapist

Gretchen Heytvelt
45-day Challenge Participant
Start Weight: 224.8 lbs
End Weight: 205.2 lbs
Total Loss: 20 lbs
Body Fat % Loss: 4.3%

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