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What Is The Worth of Your Personal Training?

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Personal Training
(after ChromePTC, of course)?
If your answer didn't include intense, fast-paced, motivating,fun,  and gratifying, then let us educate you!!!
Here's the typical training session:
You walk into the gym and you are greeted by your trainer.  As usual, you spend a few minutes talking about your day and how you're feeling, etc.  Then you move on to the usual warm-up (with the occasional prompt from your trainer), spending 5 to 10 minutes getting your muscles warmed up and ready for resistance training.  Next, it's time to start lifting.  Your trainer leads you to a piece of equipment, clipboard in hand, and tells you what exercise you're going to do, then demonstrates, then has you get in position, and finally you are instructed to perform the exercise.  You're not surprised at the order of the exercises, because you've been through this same workout for the last three weeks.  After a set or two, you get up, talk about "how you feel", then move on to the next piece of equipment and repeat. This routine drags on for another 45 minutes. Your trainer looks as though they are ready for lunch and cant wait to be done with you. They appear about as motivated as you feel (which is not very).  When there's about 5 minutes left of the hour long session, your trainer takes you through a generic cool down/stretch with little mention of what to do outside of your time with them. You say good bye and leave the gym.
Wasn't that the most boring scenario ever?!?!
Now let's take a look at what happens at Chrome Personal Training Centre:
Your trainer has already instructed on how to warm up for your workout. You walk into Chrome and begin your warm-up. For 10 to 15 minutes you move at a quick pace to warm up those muscles, followed by dynamic and static stretching.  When the time comes, your trainer excitedly tells you it's time to get started!
"Are you ready?!?" 
The next 30 minutes are a crazy mix of fast and slow twitch movements, isometric holds, core work, and plyometrics, integrating every muscle of your body, in every plane of movement with NO BREAKS!!! Your muscles feel like jello, your heart rate is up, your blood is pumping, and you feel like you are getting it in!!! Your trainer is in your face and prompting and motivating you through every minute, every moment, every movement of your workout. When its over you feel tired, worked, and drained, but excited and energized at the amount of work you just did!! You feel like you accomplished something great!! Before you head out, you jump on a piece of cardio equipment to complete the required 30 minutes of post-workout cardio.
At Chrome, each workout is tailored to you, every session, every week.  ITS ABOUT YOU!!! The workout is different every time you come in so it never gets boring and you never plateau. It's 30 minutes of high energy activity that will get you results regardless of your current fitness level!!
Your trainer is available to you at all times for questions, concerns, or that extra push of motivation that we all need at times.  Food/nutrition is addressed EVERY time to enter the building and your trainer will keep tabs on you even outside the gym (yes, we know people)!!!
Now doesn't that sound way more exciting?!
(and that's just the beginning!!)
Its about WORTH!
Where would you rather spend your hard earned money?
Which is going to get you to your goals more efficiently? 
Which Trainer Is More Invested In You?
Which workout is more fun?
Which is more rewarding?
The Answer Is Clear.......
Now, if you happen to not be in our area, look for the qualities listed above.  There are GREAT trainers and GREAT programs.  They are just a bit hard to find. Trainers are a dime a dozen... Hire THE BEST!!  Research, Ask Questions, and Find the Trainer That Will Deliver the Results You Deserve.

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Personal Trainers London on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 11:11 PM
Your blog provides a very significant point for living well,nowadays many more people suffering the problem of health.Thanks for sharing this fantastic information.
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Youth Sports Motivation on Thursday, April 18, 2013 5:29 AM
I agree with each and every conclusions made on this topic. It is really very informative. Thanks for sharing.
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Supervisor and supervisory training on Sunday, June 2, 2013 10:53 PM
Thanks to you! Finally I got some stuff in your blog post related. I was searching for some material related to matter included in post. Very useful and very informative. Thanks once again and do share some more posts if you have! I must say the blog post is just useful for everyone else reading it because the information and knowledge it contains is very important. I like the post! Excellent job! Keep sharing such valuable information through your blogs. There some very impressive points in your blog. I must appreciate your excellent work. I find the blog post very interesting and moreover very informative. I am thinking to write a piece on related topic. Will definitely share it and waiting to read some more interesting blogs from you.
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