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When we were told to close our doors in March of this year, as the owner of Chrome PTC, I made the decision to do what our government officials told us to do, believing that they truly had our best interest at heart.  We shut our doors, did online challenges, and did the best we could for almost three months.  Not only did the business suffer a huge loss of revenue but we lost our ability to serve our clients and members needs… My employees lost their jobs and I lost my livelihood… Luckily this was temporary and we were able to reopen May 25. 
Unfortunately, we have been told to close our doors once again.  My business, my employees, and a client/ member base that depends on this place for their metal and physical health cannot afford shutdown for what will likely be several more months.
So, for the duration of the shutdown(s), Chrome PTC will be operated by CHROME WELLNESS CENTRE, L.L.C. under the strict supervision of Dr. BreAnna Guan.  Our Wellness Centre will be operated in a responsible manner that will keep our members safe, so they can continue to work out, come together as a family, and work on personal wellness. Under CHROME WELLNESS CENTRE, L.L.C., members and clients can continue to use the facility under basic procedural changes, while continuing to honor the protocols that allowed us to safely reopen in May.  Our goal has and always will be, to assist people in working on their health and wellness, body and mind, while continuing to fight the spread of Covid-19.

Current Protocol:
During the first shutdown I went above and beyond to make Chrome safe for all patrons. WE HAVE HAD ZERO CASES OF COVID COME FROM OUR FACILITY WIH OVER 48,000 CLIENT AND MEMBER CHECKINS. These things include:  Signage displaying protocols for members and employees, Providing PPE for members and employees, purchasing high end air filtration systems for the gym floor, installing high end filters in our HVAC systems, limiting capacity to ensure social distancing, providing hand sanitizer, sanitizer spray, and installing 4 additional sanitation stations throughout the gym (9 total), making sure that all equipment is sanitized after each use, having the gym deep cleaned twice per day to ensure cleanliness and sanitation, and more.
Enhanced Protocol: 
There will be a quick screening process done prior to stepping onto the gym floor. Each patron will have their temperature taken at the door and then will be required to sign in and certify that they have not been exposed to or have symptoms of Covid-19. Masks must be worn at all times (unless engaged in strenuous physical activity). Enhanced emphasis on cleaning equipment after each use.  

Dr. Guan will be closely monitoring sanitation, cleaning, social distancing, capacity limits, and screening process to ensure the safety of all that enter.  We will also be putting together seminars on immunity, illness prevention, naturopathic ways to help symptoms of depression and anxiety, and more.

Dr. BreAnna Guan, ND

Dr. Guan completed her medical degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. During preceptorships with leading doctors at Seattle Children's Hospital and the Cancer Treatment Centers for America, she specialized in integrative oncology while working on an NIH grant at the Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center. Working with children and cancer patients instilled in her a deep commitment to prevention and understanding of what relentless hope means, shifting her focus to women's and children's health, and healthy aging/prevention.

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 We offer a wide array of "old school" steal equipment, plates, and machines that are super unique to the area and hold up better than the new style of equipment that you'll find broken down or damaged at other gyms.  We are also the first gym in the area to carry "The Booty Builder" Machine, Belt Squat, and Reverse Hyperextension Machine. We have a large cardio area that includes high incline treadmills, stair climbers, bikes, spin bikes, ellipticals, and more. Our open turf area is great for plyometrics, abdominal exercises, and is also where we run our famous group classes, including Butt Builder Boot Camp. We have shower facilities, a huge parking lot, great lighting, and a staff that is second to none, not to mention a location that is central to just about everywhere!  Check us out and find out why CHROME is not only Spokane's #1 training facility!!

Personal Training, Athletic Performance, Fitness Center in Spokane, WA

Personal Training, Athletic Performance, Fitness Center in Spokane, WA
CHROME PERSONAL TRAINING CENTRE is a one of kind training facility. We offer a VERY UNIQUE program to the training landscape. We don't do "old school”, outdated, hour long, three sets of 12 reps type programs. The training here is created from NEW SCIENCE and multiple years of education and experience.
In a 30-minute session you will experience an intense workout that kicks your butt!! What we do works quickly and effectively without being unsafe. This program is a better value to you compared to our competition. It is more efficient, more fun, and INDIVIDUALIZED to you and your needs and goals. 

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