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Personal Training, Athletic Performance, Fitness Center, Spokane, WA

 We offer a wide array of "old school" steal equipment, plates, and machines that are super unique to the area and hold up better than the new style of equipment that you'll find broken down or damaged at other gyms.  We are also the first gym in the area to carry "The Booty Builder" Machine, Belt Squat, and Reverse Hyperextension Machine. We have a large cardio area that includes high incline treadmills, stair climbers, bikes, spin bikes, ellipticals, and more. Our open turf area is great for plyometrics, abdominal exercises, and is also where we run our famous group classes, including Butt Builder Boot Camp. We have shower facilities, a huge parking lot, great lighting, and a staff that is second to none, not to mention a location that is central to just about everywhere!  Check us out and find out why CHROME is not only Spokane's #1 training facility!!

Personal Training, Athletic Performance, Fitness Center in Spokane, WA

Personal Training, Athletic Performance, Fitness Center in Spokane, WA
CHROME PERSONAL TRAINING CENTRE is a one of kind training facility. We offer a VERY UNIQUE program to the training landscape. We don't do "old school”, outdated, hour long, three sets of 12 reps type programs. The training here is created from NEW SCIENCE and multiple years of education and experience.
In a 30-minute session you will experience an intense workout that kicks your butt!! What we do works quickly and effectively without being unsafe. This program is a better value to you compared to our competition. It is more efficient, more fun, and INDIVIDUALIZED to you and your needs and goals. 

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