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We have an amazing new addition to our locker rooms!!!!🚨🚨

Infrared Saunas 

with Chromotherapy Lighting

These have huge health benefits and we are so excited to provide these as an amenity...

Infrared Sauna:

-Aids in Muscle Repair/Recovery


-Relieves Stress and Fatigue

-Burns Calories/Fat

-Increases Metabolism

-Helps Cleanse and Treat Skin Conditions

-Helps Increase Heart Health

-Provides Diabetes Support

Chromotherapy Lighting:

-Eases Anxiety

-Helps Decrease Symptoms of Depression

-Improves Mood

-Boosts Energy

-Has Anti-Aging Properties

-Aids in Better Sleep

These also attach to your phone via blue tooth!!!  Temperature up to 151 degrees... 

Infrared Sauna

w/ Chromotherapy LIghting

Pricing & Booking Information

Available by appointment only!

Click Below to Book Your Session or Call Ahead

Single Session: $20

Member Punch Card (10 sessions): $150

Client Punch Card (10 sessions): $100

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